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Product Tooling

The Esino manufacturing facility is equipped with a vast assortment of machines including 10 injection molding machines, 10 automatic screw machines, 2 fully automatic sealing, cutting, and heat shrink machines, 2 fully automatic box sealing machines, 6 automatic assembly lines, and a number of quality testing machines.

Injection Molding

Our injection molding machines allow us to quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively create complex custom parts unique to your product’s design. We are also able to customize the color and material for each component of your product. Parts that are created through injection molding have enhanced strength and durability due to one-piece molding, flexible material choices, and high strength fillers.

Automatic Assembly

Automatic assembly machines such as the screw fastening machine are capable of precisely and quickly operating at high volumes resulting in more efficient production. Our machines speed up production time and lower the costs required to produce your products.

3D Printing

Our 3D printing machines make it easy to create a working prototype of your product. We easily print the components of your product, saving you the cost of having to procure each part. The ability to print any shape also allows freedom and flexibility in your design.

Quality Testing and Packaging Machines

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Automatic Abrasion Tester

Duplicates many extensive real-world conditions in a much shorter duration within a monitored and controlled environment


Drop Test Machine

Simulates the experience of a drop to test the ability to endure impacts that occur in the transportation process


Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber

The chamber creates a constant temperature and humidity controlled environment for product stability analysis


Simulated Transport Vibration Table

Simulates the product transportation experience to evaluate product durability


Salt Spray Test Chamber

Products a corrosive attack to coated samples that rapidly accelerate their rust and wear to test the durability of the finish


Pencil Hardness Tester

Graphite pencils of varying hardness are moved across a coating’s service to determine the hardness of a material


Oil Content and Density Tester

Evaluates the oil content, density, total oil volume by measuring the sample’s weight in air and weight in water.


Color Inspection Lightbox

Simulates a variety of lighting scenarios to provide accurate depictions of your product’s color


Optical Measuring Machine

Takes many measurements including center structure, intersection of structure, midpoint of construction, line structure, round structure


Height Gauge

Precisely determines the height of objects and also assists in marking out work pieces


RCA Paper Tape Abrasion Tester

The friction head drives the paper tape through a fixed diameter roller and constant speed motor to continually apply force to the sample


Thermoplastic Machine

The machine uses shrink film to wrap the product or package tightly, adding a neat and professional protective cover


Automatic Packing Machine

The packing machine neatly seals and boxes products to be shipped out of the factory

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