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Product Prototyping

We make creating a prototype as easy as possible. We work closely with you to translate your creative ideas and concepts into the prototypes that you can use for your potential investors or clients. Our team will make sure this process is efficient and accomplished within budget.

Design Process

Discussion and Requirements

Concept Discussion | Design File | Materials List | Product Description

Quick Design

Initial Product Sketch | Structure Optimization

Build Prototype

Acquire Components | 3D Print Unique Parts | Assemble Prototype

User Evaluation

Beta Testing | User Feedback | Functionality Analysis

Refining Prototype

Make Adjustments | Improve Functions | Design Evolution | Documentation

Implement and Maintain

Why should you have a functioning prototype?

Garner the attention of potential clients and investors with a well-made prototype that works

Gives clients something to work with for when they make decisions

Shows investors that you are serious about your product and want to take the next step

Allows for you to assess your own product and make improvements to it

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